Wealth Sentiment Index

​​​​​​​Wealth Sentiment Index​

The UAE has carved a place for itself as a leading economy in the Arab world and one that has attained significant importance globally as a country that abounds in opportunities that help create, grow and preserve wealth. As high net worth individuals and investors continue to focus more on the UAE economy and the region, they increasingly look for avenues that provide them information and news that brings them closer to their objectives.

The Wealth Sentiment Index (WSI) is meant to be an indicator of the sentiment of the market, in the form of an index score that brings together the views expressed by opinion leaders in the market and some key indicators of the health of the economy and financial markets such as, GDP, inflation, stock indices, commodity prices, as well as important sectorial indicators like real estate, tourism and trade. The WSI aims to track and communicate the pulse of the market in the UAE, represented by the Index score on a monthly basis.

The WSI is meant to be a forward looking Index that is well balanced by a combination of various factors – both quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative comprises of actual published data on key economic indicators and market data, while Qualitative consists of the views on the current state of market, growth prospects, and personal investment choices, from a panel of key decision makers and industry opinion leaders in the UAE.

The WSI will be announced every month and has been constructed in collaboration with IPSOS, an independent and accredited research firm, who will be responsible for the governance and maintenance of the Index.

The first of its kind in the UAE and the region, the Wealth Sentiment Index was launched at the FGB Wealth 4th Annual Investment Conference in early November ‘16. we have launched the Wealth Sentiment Index in partnership with IPSOS consultants, a highly accredited research a​gency in the MENA region and Generali, a leading player in the Insurance and Financial Services sector