International Mortgages

FGB International Mortgages gives you the opportunity to invest in residential property in England and Wales, one of the most established, vibrant and sought after real estate markets in the world with lucrative rental yields and capital growth.

London in particular, is one of the financial capitals of the world and a prime are for property in the UK. It’s not just London, you can select your desired investment property anywhere across England and Wales, from the bustling cities of Manchester and Leeds to the student city of Newcastle or the historic city of Cardiff. Whichever location you choose, we will help you with the finance to purchase the property and secure your goals.

  • Finance Available for completed residential properties
  • Available for buy-to-let and holiday homes
  • Finance up to 75%
  • Available to UAE residents and expatriates, salaries and self-employed
  • Interest rate starting from 3.25%