Islamic Wealth Solution

Building On Trust and Faith

Welcome to Islamic Wealth solutions . We believe that in order to build your wealth, we first need to build a relationship with you based on transparency and trust.

To offer you the best in class Islamic Wealth Service, we have built our offering on Product & Service Innovation, Ethical & Transparent investments, Holistic outlook and Shari'a compliance. These are our core values.

Product & Service Innovation

Providing opportunities that will help grow and protect your wealth.

Transparent & Ethical Investments

Offering service with high levels of transparency and ethical standards.

Holistic Outlook

Offering an investment solution perfectly matched to your needs.

Shari'a Compliance

Ensuring that the Shari'a values are followed with complete discipline.

We offer an interlocked range of Shari'ah compliant products and services. So that all your day to day banking needs and long term requirements have been carefully considered and are specifically catered for.

To know more please call 800 WEALTH (932584)