Our Approach

Our Approach

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Once you decide to work with us, your Certified Wealth Manager will take you through our disciplined 4-step Wealth Managem​ent process.​​​​

Designed To Fit Your Individual Goals​​​​​


Understanding Your Needs And Goals

We understand that each individual has specific financial need​s and goals. Our objective is to attain a thorough understanding of your full investment holdings, long-term financial goals and liquidity needs.


Assessing Your Risk Profile

Based on life stages, personal wealth and desired time horizons, individuals have varying degrees of risk tolerance. Assessing your risk profile is a vital part of our process. Do you wish to concentrate on building or protecting your wealth? Do you foresee or desire lifestyle changes? How tolerant of risk are you?


Develop And Implement A Complete Financial Plan

Given the vast range of investment options and opportunities available, we will help identify those that optimise your concerns on risk, return and liquidity. The goal is to draft and implement a complete financial plan that integrates all your needs and best aligns to your unique risk profile.


Keeping You Updated

We recognize the importance of being your 'eyes and ears' and to keep you advised of changes / new opportunities as soon as they emerge. Having achieved a Sound financial plan, the next step is to regularly monitor, review and reassess your portfolio to ensure it continues to perform to achieve its defined objectives.